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In early 1998, Merlin Schuman and I started web pages on the Rootsweb Server.  Merlin was posting his many census extractions (now on this site) and I posted my Photographs of Adamson grave markers that I had taken in my travels.  These photographs and the thousands of others that I took in my travels in 1999 and later years is the genesis of the Adamson Ancestry Web Pages.  Over the years and with the passing of our friend Merlin Shuman in May 2001, other topics have been added.  The Name "Adamson Ancestry" was started by Judy Dye in 1982 with publication of 14 Volumes of genealogical research that she had collected or were submitted to her by other researchers. The last volume was published in 1998. In May 1999, with permission of Judy to use the name, I acquired the Domain Name of AdamsonAncestry.com.  Merlin and I had been using the Rootsweb server, but did not have any domain names as such.

During this period of the life of the internet, searching of Domain names had just begun and we saw the need for such naming.
During the years of 1999 through 2006, I traveled many weeks and miles in gathering Adamson data and the cemetery photographs. Most of the photos displayed on this site came from my travels.  A few have been submitted to me and I show the credit on the appropriate page. 
During the past five years the web site Find a Grave has flourished with thousands of contributors posting cemetery photographs.  The numbers of Adamson graves has increased so now, in July, 2011 there is over 6000 Adamson entries.  Not all have photographs, but the numbers are gaining and I encourage you to utilize this site.

Because of this, I see no need to Travel all over the country and to expend time and money acquiring photographs to add to this site.  However  all photographs currently displayed will remain.  Two reasons are:  1. Most of the photos on this site are not on Findagrave, but probably will be in the next few years,  and 2.  With so many submitters and a lot of data (not photos) is being posted with specific knowledge of the cemetery and errors are being created innocently.
So when in doubt, check this site.  If you are a contributor to findagrave and want to use any photograph from this site, your welcome to do so..
PERMISSION IS GRANTED to use Grave photographs.
 Credit can be given to FAG member "AdamsonAncestry"  #47995679.
 JAdamson  July 2011.