Central Tennessee
Wilson, DeKalb, Smith and Cannon Counties:

Jesse T. Adamson and Family

     Jesse's first four children were born in Orange County, North Carolina.  The next five children were born in Stokes County, North Carolina.  Elisabeth, the tenth child was born in Jefferson County, Tennessee and Elijah, the last child, was born in Wilson County, Tennessee.  This leaves us to believe that Jesse and family moved from Orange County to Stokes County 1785-1786, from Stokes County to Jefferson County 1795, and from Jefferson County to Wilson County in 1796-1799.  The move to Tennessee is documented by Hinshaw's Encyclopedia.  The move from Jefferson to Wilson County is a little more complicated.  Jesse and family are mentioned in the Lost Creek Monthly Meeting as being part of the New Hope monthly meeting in 1795 until Lost Creek was started in 1797.

Jesse's oldest daughter, Charity married John Huff before 1794 and lived out her days in North Carolina.  They were living in Stokes County, NC in 1810-1820 according to NC census records.  John had 11 children, but I believe some of these children may have been by a second wife.

John Adamson born circa 1780, was married to Rebecca Leakey January 5, 1801 in Knox County.  He died five years later in September leaving everything to Rebecca and children (Smith County, TN).  It is possible that she remarried March 21, 1807 to James George.

Margaret Adamson born 1782 married George Pugh in March 29, 1800.  The record of their marriage was found in the Knox County TN marriage book.  George Pugh died in Marion County, IL around 1852.

Joseph was born around 1785 in Orange County NC.  He married Anna Blackley sometime before 1808.  They had 6 children.  She died between February and October 1815, probably during or as a result of the birth of Edward in February.  Joseph was remarried October 3, 1815 to the daughter of Thomas and Rachel Adamson, Alsey.  They had 9 children. They lived in DeKalb County, TN during 1840-1850.  Alsey died before 1854, as Joseph had remarried at the time his will was probated in 1856.  Joseph was married for the third time on July 6, 1854 to Leaky Deen in DeKalb County, Tn.  The will was probated in 1856 so we can assume Joseph died between 1854 and 1856.

 Simeon Sr., born around 1786-1789 in Stokes County, NC, married Sarah (Sally) Cox on May 10, 1809 in Jefferson County TN.  They had five children.  Simeon was found in Wilson County in 1820 and this is where he died before July 25, 1870 (when his will was recorded).  He left everything to his grandchildren and part to a great-grandchild.  Simeon’s real estate is $4920 and his personal estate was $2705 in 1860. His net worth was $3500 in 1870.  As evidenced by deed records, Simeon owned quite a bit of land on Pyrtle’s Creek and Smith’s Fork.

 William was born around 1787in Stokes County, NC, and died Before 1811.  He married Demaris Bledsoe June 7, 1808.  The issue of whether or not William had remarried is interesting because there is a Demaris Adamson who attended the sale of his estate.

 Mary (Polly) Adamson married Stephen Hopkins October 21, 1806 in Wilson County, TN.

 Wells Adamson was born around 1793 and married Mary George on December 29, 1812.  They had several children.  In May 1825, Wells was admitted to the Salem Baptist Church.  In 1833, Wells deeded some land in Pyrtle’s Creek.  He was living in Smith County at the time.  He died September 1838 in DeKalb County, TN.  It is possible that he remarried to Sarah Ann ?.  The children listed in connection with his will are also listed in connection to the will of Sarah Ann Adamson.

 Elijah Adamson was born 1799 in Lebanon, Wilson County, TN, and died around 1826.  He married Susannah Hathaway April 24, 1822 in Wilson County, TN.  The sons of Elijah, Jesse and Joseph lived with Wells after the death of Elijah and Susannah in before 1826.


Carla Jayne Snow- Adamson
August 2002