From the desk of Jerry F. Adamson

If your are an Adamson Male, then  this message is to you!
Other Adamson researchers need your involvement!

Some months ago, I was contacted by Sue Adamson - Fritz about what I knew about using DNA
to establish family connections. As my knowledge on this subject was very limited and in her
kindness she sent some references to examine, I learned that there were some minor efforts by
other researchers in using dna to aide in genealogy research. As I already knew my ancestry
back nine generations, I didn't get as excited as I should have.

Sue and I have spent many hours discussing and looking for her Adamson connection. We had
come to the "brick wall" in her research but during the past year, we had come up with a plausible
theory that could advance her ancestry by three generations. But determining parentage back in
the 1790's is more speculation than we wanted to accept. Due to Sue's persistence, she continued
researching the dna aspects and determined that the Family Tree DNA site contained a project of
her interest. She again contacted me, and asked what I thought about starting an Adamson DNA
Project on this site. As I now knew a little more about dna, and understood her desire to advance
her research, I looked in more detail about what she and the Family Tree DNA were proposing.

Family Tree DNA is a leading company in providing DNA services to genealogists. Quoting from
the company's Web site: "The value of Family Tree DNA testing is our ability to help find
"Genetic Cousins ?" by comparing the results of as few as two people. Males are able to see if
another male is a descendant from their direct paternal line. Our 12 marker Y-DNA test has
become the world standard. Our 25-marker test yields the world's tightest parameters to the
Most Recent Common Ancestor (MRCA). You may order the 12 marker test and return to
"refine" your test at a later time without the need to re-submit another DNA sample!

Women can determine which Haplogroup they are part of based upon the descent through
their maternal line. Reports are compared to the Cambridge Reference Sequence, which show
your deviation from this industry standard. We identify the lettered Haplogroup that your
mtDNA is assigned to by the scientific community. DETERMINE relatives through two of
your eight great-grandparents using Y or mtDNA testing. We search the non-recombining
portion of your DNA; a CHART explaining this concept is suggested viewing. DNA testing
is a new additional genealogical tool."

I too found some new words that I did not understand in the above paragraphs, but with a little
bit more reading I found out that the web site provided many more details and references to
help in understanding the concept. The Y chromosome is passed from father to son and on to
grandson, great-grandson and so on, unaltered for generations. People who gave permission to
be listed in the Y-DNA database may match my Y chromosome exactly or possibly closely.
Sue had proposed that she start a Project for Adamson males to compare their Y-DNA markers.
The important word is "Compare". One person tested does not have anything to compare to!
The test is for the Y-DNA Marker only and is not testing other genetic features. The results do
not show personal characteristics, health information or other genetic information. It is
important to understand that the Y-DNA markers can tell if several people belong to the same
group, but can't point to a specific person.

So I replied to Sue positively asking "how could I help?" It became obvious that she needed a web
page for the participants to share information between themselves and to the others that had
interest. I also knew that I should be tested to have a lineage that could be used to compare. So I
started the web page and I submitted a DNA sample to Family Tree DNA. The process was
simple: I wiped the inside of my cheek with a special swab provided by the company. I put the
swab into a small container, sealed it, filled out some paperwork, deposited everything in an
envelope provided by the company, and mailed the envelope. The whole process took about
five minutes and was simple and painless.

Sue announced the project in the Adamson mail list, and the project gained the third member
immediately, even before any test results had been obtained. The third member also had come
upon that "brick wall" and was looking for new tools to aid in their research.

Well, the results are back, and I have posted these "Y-DNA numbers" on the web page, so
you can see how the project evolves. As you can imagine the project will becoming more exciting
when two, ten, or perhaps hundreds of Adamsons join the project. This where You can help. As
a male, we need your data in the Database. Adamson females descendants should encourage their
father, a brother, or males cousin's to participate.

The test is simple and non invasive. I hope you too decide to join the project and increase the size
and the value of the database. Contact Sue Adamson Fritz, the Project Administrator. Let her
know your Adamson connection and that you have interest. Her email is:


Check out the ADAMSON DNA Project at: