Basil Adamson was born at Adamson's Choice, Maryland in 1728, and died in Montgomery
County, Maryland in November, 1785.  He was the son of John Baldwin  and Lucy Adamson.
During the American Revolution Basil signed the Oath of Fidelty in Montgomery Co.,
Maryland, March Court 1778; "I do sware I do not hold myself bound to yield any alegience
or obedience to the King of Great Britain his heirs or successors and that I will be true and
faithful to the State of Maryland and will do to the upmost of my power, support maintain and
defend the freedom and independence thereof and the Government as now established against
all open enemies and secret and traitorous conspiraces and will use my utmost endevers to
disclose and make known to the Governor or some one of the judges or justices thereof all
treasons or traiterous conspiraces attempts or combinations against this state or the
Government thereof which may come to my knowledge so help me god.  Basil Adamson.
Taken before the Worshipful Gerrard Briscoe, March 2, 1778."

Adamson's Choice was a 100 acre tract of land which was conveyed to John Baldwin
Adamson by Lord Baltimore, proprietor of the Province of Maryland, on July 2, 1726.
Adamson's Choice was then in Prince George County, later Frederick County, and now
Montgomery County, in a district known as Scotland, on Captain John's Creek about three
and one-half miles from Rockville, Maryland.  John Baldwin died in 1744; the inventory of
his personal estate is on record in Annapolis.  He was survived by his wife Lucy, and three
young children, of whom Basil was the eldest, being 16 years old.  Basil sold Adamson's
Choice on January 15, 1759 to William Williams in Frederick County, Maryland.  After that
he and his brother Jeremiah worked as builders, having contracts with Frederick County,
MD for building bridges and other public works.

Basil married  in 1747, when he was 19 years old, to Nancy Spiers, daughter of Benjamin
Spiers.  Basil and Nancy had 10 children.

1.  John, born about 1748.  John was also active in the War for Independence, serving as an
ensign with his father in Middle Battalion, 1st Company, Montgomery County, Maryland.;
Captain Oldham's Company, as shown in the book "Maryland Militia in the Revolutionary
War".  He frequently carried the regimental flag, and was sometimes assigned the paperwork.
John was married twice, first to a Miss Owen, whom it is assumed died.  He then married
Sally Boyd, daughter of John Boyd and Susan Baldwin.  She was born about 1750, and died
1828.  John had several children and died  in 1828 in Montgomery County, MD.

2.  Barbara, born about 1750.  She migrated with brother Greenberry to Georgia, and died in
Washington, Wilkes County, Georgia.

3.  Elizabeth, born about 1750, migrated to Wilkes Co. GA with brother Greenberry..

4.  Washington, settled in Virginia.

5.   Elisha, born about 1765, settled in North Carolina.

6.  Keziah, born about 1770.  She also went with her brother Greenberry to Georgia.

7.  Greenbery, born October 29, 1770.  More will be written about him later, as he is the
ancestor of the Georgia Adamson family.

8.  Lloyd, born about 1772.  He remained in Maryland.

9.  William, went to Kentucky.

10.  Frederick, born May 23, 1780.   "He is mentioned in the will of his brother, John, who
was probably his guardian.  He married first wife, Sarah Summers, January 25, 1803; second
wife, Martha Palmer.  He removed to West Virginia and later to Muskingum County, Ohio.
Died January 2, 1839."

We have no doubt's about Basil having other children.  Very little data or facts exist to state
dates and survivals of them.  We have not shown them, but would appreciate receiving any
documentation available to ascertain additional children.


Linda James Farley
Feburary, 2001