In September, 2002, I wrote the theory below about Enos Adamson. .   Thus far, the only additional evidence found or received has been a dna test by a descendant of William Adamson who married Mary Wilson (Polly) in Wilson County, Tennessee then moved to Crittendon County, Kentucky.  This dna test confirms that the descendant, and this William are related to John Adamson who married Ann Skuse / Skuce.  As we do not know for certain if William was a son, grandson, nephew or great cousin, one must apply some logic and other genealogical history. 

 I conclude that William is the son of Enos, who was the Second son of Simon Sr.  Therefore William would be a great grandson of John Adamson and Ann Skuse / Skuce.
I make this determination with 99.99% certainty (that's Ivory soap pure).  Then  the 1790 census record showing two males under 16 with Enos, no doubt that one of them was William as a infant or young child and being the son of Enos.   I have no conclusions as to whom the other male child is.
October, 2004, jfa

[ ~1760  -         ?? ], son of Simon Adamson Sr.

(A theory by Jerry F. Adamson)

September, 2002

In all of the years that I have been researching, I find that this Enos Adamson has the least documented evidence about him.  A researcher could look endless hours trying to piece together his family.  A descendant would become frustrated to no end, trying to establish a linkage.  In all of my research, I have not come across one * researcher who claims to be a descendant of Enos, and have found very few references to him.  (* I don't know everybody)

At the same time, I have found two branches of Adamson researchers that have roots of unknown origin, and both strongly feel that they are somehow closely related to the branch that includes Enos Adamson.  I also find another Adamson that also comes from same area and vintage.

Written articles on Enos Adamson are indeed scare, and with this article, the volume will double, triple, or perhaps become a tenfold increase.  The intent of this article is to propose a scenario that is feasible, and hopefully will create interest, list events, encourage further research and submittals to be added to the "Events List".

Enos Adamson was the second son of Simon Adamson (Sr.), was born about 1760. He married in North Carolina and was present for the first and second census of the United States. Several Quaker records document an Enos Adamson and his travel. The 1790 North Carolina, Stokes County census lists Enos Adamson as 2 males under 16, 1 male over 16, and 3 females ; living next door to his brother, Jesse Adamson.     In 1800 "lists an"  Enos Adams in Stokes County and lists 2 males 10-16 , 1 male 26-45, 2 females under 10, 1 female 10-16 and 1 female 26-45.  It appears that Enos has two sons and at least three and perhaps four daughters. Census records for Jesse have not been found for 1800.  Apparently Jesse had moved to Eastern Tennessee where the census records were lost.  The quaker records track an Enos (the son of John Adamson and Mary Hammer ) from North Carolina to Henry County Indiana. This Enos, son of John is nephew of the Enos of our search.

William Adamson, born about 1790 in North Carolina, who probably married Mary Wilson (Polly) in 1811 in Wilson Co., Tennessee and had several children in Tennessee before moving to Crittenden Co., Kentucky.  William was a farmer as reported by the 1860 census. This census also reports him to be head of house, 67 years old, and born in Tennessee. Polly had died in March 1859, so William and apparently two sons were the only ones enumerated in the house.   William reportedly died about 1865 in Crittenden County.  Several generations of William Adamson descendants can be found in Crittendon and Union Counties Kentucky and across the Ohio River in Illinois. I have recorded 775 descendants of William.

Simon Adamson, also born about 1790 in North Carolina, who married Susanah Hopkins on 22 Feb. 1809, in Wilson Co., Tennessee. Simon is found in Adair Co., Kentucky in 1820 census with his family.  He is not found in 1830 census, but his two older sons are enumerated in Wayne Co., Kentucky.  It is reported that Simon died about 1836 In Meade County, Kentucky. Several generations of Simon Adamson descendants can be found in Northern Kentucky and in Southern Indiana. I have recorded 450 descendants of Simon.

A third, Samuel Adamson, also born in North Carolina, about 1785, who married Naomi Lamb about 1808 in North Carolina. He is found in Miami County Indiana in 1840 and 1850 census. Samuel reportedly died in December 1858. The 1850 census indicates that he was born in North Carolina. I have recorded 40 descendants of Samuel.

We might conclude that William and Simon are most probably the two sons described with Enos in Stokes County, North Carolina in the 1790 census.  The names of both William and Simon are carried down through several generations of the known descendants of Simon Sr.  We might also conclude that it is unlikely that Samuel is son of Enos.

I most certainly "leave the door open" for other possibilities, but with so much know about William and Simon and so little known about Enos, perhaps this is the missing sons of Enos.  I conclude this paper with a listing of events that are associated with Enos Adamson:  With the list is the "reference".  In some cases, I do not have the source of such and welcome a copy.  I also welcome additions to the listing of Events (and references) that would "strengthen or weaken" this theory.

ca 1760 Enos Adamson born, son of Simon Adamson.--------Census and proximity to Jesse Adamson (census).
ca 1780- Married Mary Love (daughter of John Love of Mecklenburg Co., NC).---
1781- Daughter Susanna born in Wilkes Co., NC.
1790 - Enumerated in Census, Stokes Co., NC---------------Census record
1800 - A Enos Adams was enumerated in Census, Stokes Co., NC - This is NOT our Enos Adamson  (corrected by JFA 6/2008)
1811 - Jefferson County, TN, -  11/30/1811 Enos disowned- married out of contrary to:-------------Lost Creek MM
1812 - Enos was witness to his brother Thomas' will in Jefferson Co., TN--------------
(NOTE: This may be last documented reference to our Enos (1760-  ??)).

1816 -1/27/1816 Enos received on request (Lost Creek MM) in Jefferson Co., TN
1819-6/26/1819 Enos given certificate to Newberry MM (from Lost Creek MM)
1819-12/4/1819 Blount County TN (Newberry MM)-Enos received on certificate from Lost Creek MM, dated 6/26/1818;

1821-9/1/1821 Blount County TN-Enos given certificate to Springfield MM, IN;

1824-6/26/1824 Enos received on certificate from Newberry MM, dated 1821, 9, 1 (directed to Springfield MM, IN, but accepted in Newberry MM);

1824-7/6/1824  Blount CO, TN, Deed Book 2, p 361-2: Enos Adamson of Jefferson CO to Thomas Stanfield July 6, 1824, $2400, 276 ac on
Gallaher's Creek, grant #1159 to James McClanahan, assignee of John Hannah, adj John Copland,
Wm. Jones (married to Bell who is related to Casteel and James M. Bell, Wm. Watkins.
Wits: Samuel Love, Jesse Wallace, Jan 6, 1825.

1828-11/27/1828 Enos given certificate to Duck Creek MM, IN;

1831-6/23/1831-Henry County IN (Duck Creek MM) Enos received on certificate from Lost Creek MM, TN;

1835-8/20/1835 Enos, Fall Creek Meeting, complained of for ns, drinking and offering liquor to work hands; disowned 11/25/1835;
(NOTE: All quaker records between 1811 to 1835,  apparently refer to Enos, s/o John Adamson and Mary Hammer).


FOR Consideration:
In September, 1840, a Simon Adamson gave bond for the marriage of Mary Adamson and Levi Stites in Union County KY.
In December, 1845, Simon Adamson was a witness for the marriage of MichaelAdamson and Mary Malissa Hall in Crittenden County KY.
Mary and Michael were children of William (ca 1790- ) Polly Wilson..
No other records of this Simon Adamson has been found in the western Kentucky counties.
This may lend some credence to Simon being William's brother.

In addition to the above events the following internet searches yielded:

Search on Google found:
1) Lydia Adamson, b. 1785 NC listed as daughter of Enos
2) Massey Adamson, b. 1787 NC listed as daughter of Enos

Search of World Connect listed the following as children of Enos:
1) Samuel Adamson
2) Susan Adamson (another listed as Susannah, b. 1781 NC)
3) Massey Adamson(found on 3 sites), b. 1787
4) Lydia Adamson, b. 1785 NC


CRS research of Cincinnati- July 2002
Sue Adamson-Fritz - October 2002

Jerry F. Adamson
September, 2002