GPS positions

With the advent of Geodetic Positioning Systems, we can now determine to very close accuracy the latitude and longitude of almost anything. .
Several years ago, I acquired a gps system so I could utilize the GNIS cemetery coordinates that are published and then easily drive to a establish point. This could and does save a lot of excess driving.
Many cemeteries that I visit, are not in the GNIS database, so I can mark the location and create coordinates for each cemetery that I visit. This can aid you in one of two ways.  First you could a gps system of your own to find the points and/or Second you could use an internet program called Mapquest to use with the coordinates in the GPS table. You can enter Latitude and Longitude without conversion: And produce a map of the location. Now if you can read a map you are in business.

The URL is:

You will need to "cypher" my description to determine the actual cemetery name.  The GPS takes valuable storage space, so I have limited the size of the name to Ten  characters. I somehow abbreviate the names to fit.  The name includes the State-County- and cemetery name (almost).

a example would be Bowdon Cemetery in Carroll County, Georgia. It is abbreviated to:  GACA-BOWD

or ALRA-CONCO is abbreviated for   CONCOrd cemetery, on Randolph County, Alabama (Concord Baptist Church)


GACA-A-ROA N33.62272 W85.31612 Waypoint, means Adamson Road in Carroll County, Georgia, and the Latitude is North 33.62272 degrees and Longitude is West 85.31612 degrees. If you understand this system, you are going to enjoy the GPS Table.  In Mapquest, West is signified as (-) or -85.31612

The Mapquest site is:

Then the entries into Mapquest are:      33.62272     and   -85.31612

Did it work?  Now learn how to use mapquest by using the features such as zoom and print your map and the other features.  ENJOY

As the list is growing, I will only update the file annually.  To do so, I have to download the positions from my GPS, convert the file to something I can edit, then delete the "garbage" and then upload to the internet.  This does take time.  I hope this is of aid to you.

The list is incomplete, as compared to the Cemetery Photographs, as the GPS came later, however, most are covered.
Sometimes I can make an error, If you find one, please report it to me.