Hurst Hall was largely demolished in 1977. All that now remains
of this medieval building is the 15th-century chapel.


This family originated in Lanarkshire. It subsequently settled in
Cumberland and adjoining counties, the principal branch being seated
at Linden Hall, Morpeth, Northumberland until 1962 (see BLG, 1952 Edn).
EDMUND ADAMSON, of Catterall, Lancashire, was father of,
THOMAS ADAMSON, of Catterall, m Elizabeth Wharton, and d 1624, having had issue,
JOHN ADAMSON, of Catterall, b 1600, m 1622, Margaret Parkinson, and d 1667, having had issue,

THOMAS ADAMSON, of Goosnargh, Lancashire, master-gunner, b 1631, m Jane, dau
of Walter Strickland, of Nateby, Lancashire, and d 1706, having had
issue, with one dau,
1a JOHN, of whom presently.
2a Francis.
3a Robert.
4a Thomas.

The eldest son,
JOHN ADAMSON, of Winwick, Lancashire, b 1660, m 18 Feb 1683, Mary Moulding
(d 1708), and d 1708, having had issue, with two daughters,
1a Adam, b and d 1683.
2a JOHN, of whom presently.
3a Henry, b 1689.
4a Jeffrey, b 1692.

The eldest surviving son,
JOHN ADAMSON, of Abram, Lancashire, b 1686, m 7 Oct 1712, Anne, dau
of James Wood, of Kirkby, Lancashire, and had issue,
1a ADAM, of whom presently.

His son,
ADAM ADAMSON, of Abram, b 1713, m 5 Oct 1735, Margaret, dau of Robert
Johnson, of Leigh, Lancashire, and had issue, with three daus,
1a Thomas, b 1736.
2a JOHN, of whom presently.
3a Roger, b 1744, m 1 Feb 1769, Martha Dean (see BP, DEAN OF
THORNTON-LE-FYLDE, LP), and had issue, 
1b Roger, who with his son Roger Adamson,
John Gerard of Windle Hall, St Helen's (see BP,
GERARD, B) and the Rev Francis Graythorne,
was drowned in the Irish Sea, 22 May 1822.
4a William, b 5 Apr 1748.

The 2nd son,
JOHN ADAMSON, of Ashton-in-Makerfield, Lancashire, b 1737,
m 1 Mar 1756, Ursula (d 1808), dau of Joseph Anyon, and
d 1789, having had issue, with three surviving daus,
1a THOMAS, of whom presently.
2a Joseph, b 3 Jun 1759
3a John, b 24 Dec 1764, d 30 Apr 1766.
4a Richard, b 31 Dec 1766.
5a John, b 16 Nov 1770.
6a William, b 15 Oct 1773, d inf
7a James, b 5 Sep 1775.
8a William, b 18 Nov 1776.
9a Henry, b 1 Apr 1778.
The elder son,
THOMAS ADAMSON, of Lowton, Lancashire, cotton manfr, b 18 Jan 1758, m 1stly
13 Aug 1797, Ellen Lythgoe (d 1814), and had issue,
1a John, b 15 May 1799.
2a Peter, b 13 Apr 1802.
3a Joseph, b 26 Sep 1811, in Holy Orders of the Church of Rome.
He m 2ndly 13 Jul 1815, Ellen Hatton (d 20 Jan 1866), and by her had issue,
with two daus,
4a GEORGE, of whom presently.

The 4th son,
GEORGE ADAMSON, of Hurst Hall, Glazebury, Cheshire, b 10 Feb 1817,
m 1stly Martha Sanderson (dsp 18 Feb 1861), m 2ndly 6 Feb 1862, Alice
(d 16 Sep 1906), dau of Samuel Pimblett, of Ashton-in-Makerfield, and
d 7 Jan 1907, having had issue, with one dau,
1a Thomas, b 24 Jul 1863, and dvp 4 Dec 1871.
2a Samuel, of Tanner's Farm, Culcheth, Lancashire, farmer, b 2 Sep
1865, m 18 Jun 1887, Rachel (d 14 Aug 1952), dau of George Taylor,
of Culcheth, and d 17 Nov 1940, leaving issue, with five daus,
1b George Samuel, of Tanner's Farm, Culcheth, farmer,
b 5 May 1896, m 21 Jul 1921, Ann (d 27 Feb 1976),
dau of William Williams, of Woolston, Lancashire,
and d 6 Apr 1978, leaving issue, with one dau,
1c George Samuel, of Tanner's Farm, Culcheth,
farmer, b 21 Jun 1922, m 13 Nov 1943,
Hilda, dau of Joseph Yates, of Leigh,
and dsp 5 Nov 1985.
2c Frederick, b 1 Feb 1925, (68, Twiss Green Lane,
Culcheth, Lancashire), m 15 May 1954, Marian, dau
of Arthur Eckersley, of Leigh, and has issue,
with one dau,
1d John, b 24 Mar 1958, educ Bolton, and Manchester Univ
(LRSC 1981), research chemist (14, Sandfield Crescent,
Glazebury, Cheshire), m 19 Aug 1987, Fiona Anne, dau of Ian
Kydd MacDonald, of Burtonwood, Cheshire, and has issue.
3a THOMAS, of whom presently.
The youngest son,
THOMAS ADAMSON, of Hurst Hall, Glazebury, b 27 Apr 1873, m 9 Feb
1896, Dorcas Mary (d 11 Jul 1953), dau of John Hands, of Norton
Canon, Herefordshire, and d 18 Jul 1939, having had issue,
with five daus,
1a (George) William, of Kinknall Hall, Culcheth, farmer, b 3 May
1897, m 22 Feb 1933, Jane (d 19 Sep 1978), dau of William Norcott,
of Statham, Cheshire, and d 12 May 1983, leaving issue,
with one dau,
1b Thomas William, b 22 Feb 1938, farmer, m 15 May 1984, Anna
(Morris's Farm, Croft, Lancashire), dau of Edward Leigh, of Lowton
Hall, Lowton, and d 20 May 1991, leaving issue.
2b John, b 8 Dec 1939, farmer (Low Fauld Farm, Ruckcroft,
Cumbria), m 29 May 1980, Irene, dau of Arthur George Kennedy, Capt
Indian Army.
2a (Wilbraham) John, of Yew Tree Farm, Culcheth, farmer, b 23 Aug
1899, m 10 Jun 1925, Ruth Anne (d 24 Oct 1974), dau of William
Henry Pitchfork, of Rixton, Lancashire, and dspm 11 Oct 1980,
leaving issue.
3a Charles Thomas, of Risley Hall, Risley, Lancashire, farmer, b 29
Jan 1901, m 30 Jul 1924, Ellen (d 10 Jun 1991), dau of George
Smith, of Lowton St Mary's, Lancashire, and d 30 Dec 1978,
leaving issue.
4a Wilfred Raymond, b 13 Apr 1904, and d inf 8 Jan 1905.
5a Gerald Lancelot Samuel, of Dicconson Farm, Lowton, farmer, b 17
Feb 1906, m 8 Jun 1932, (Gertrude) Olive (d 21 Nov 1985), dau of
William Webster, JP, of Stockton-on-the-Forest, York, and d 7 Sep
1970, leaving issue.
6a Donald, of The Homestead, Lymm, Cheshire, b 24 Oct 1907, m 1
Jun 1938, Hannah Mary (d 26 May 1994), elder dau and co-heiress of
William Booth, of Lymm (see BP, BOOTH, Bt), and d 3 Jan 1982,
leaving issue.
7a Alexander Duncan, of Woodend Farm, Glazebury, farmer, b 25 Sep
1909, m 30 Jun 1937, Lilian (d 27 Aug 1995), dau of George Smith, of
Lowton St Mary's, and d 3 Jul 1975, leaving issue.
8a Denys, of Great Stone Farm, Culcheth, farmer, b 27 Jan 1912, m 8
Feb 1939, Elizabeth (who m 2ndly 29 Oct 1960, Alfred William Le Cornu,
of Five Oaks, St Helier, Jersey, and d 24 Jun 1977), dau of George
Clough, of Irlam, Lancashire, and dspm 11 May 1959, leaving issue.
9a (Victor) Raymond, of Brookside Farm, Bickershaw, Lancashire,
farmer, b 15 Sep 1915, m 30 Sep 1941, Mary, adopted dau of Henry
Halsall, of Lowton, and d 14 Jul 1981, leaving issue.


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