Northern Kentucky / Southern Ohio

Mason, Bracken, and Robertson Counties, Kentucky,
Adams and Brown Counties, Ohio
This area is separated by the Ohio River.

Joseph Adamson (1745 - 1818) and
John Adamson (1753-1809).

The record show that two sons of Thomas Adamson Sr. moved to the Mason
County Kentucky area around 1795/1798.  These two sons being
Joseph Adamson (1745 - ca 1818) and his brother John Adamson (1753-1809).

For Joseph, we find him in Washington (now Greene)  Co. PA
in 1790 Census. The last record I have found for him in PA,
is on the Tax Assessment in 1793.  The next record is in
Dec, 1801 in Mason County on the County Clerks record.  He
shows in the 1810 Mason County Census with his wife and two
small children (whom I believe to be his grandchildren).

For John, he was in the 1790 Census in Washington (now
Greene) Co. Census.   We then find him of record in
splitting the his farm inheritance in October 1791in PA, then we find
him in Bourbon Co. Kentucky in 1792.  We have several records
for John, purchasing and selling property and signing for his
daughters marriage' in the years 1795- 1808.

The 1800 census records for the area do not exist.

An important aspect is that Mason county was a hub for settlement
in this time frame for several counties both in
Kentucky and Ohio.  When searching for records, one must
look in several counties. Doubtless any Adamson  record found
in Mason, Bracken, Bourbon, Robertson and Fleming Counties
in Kentucky, and Adams and Brown Counties in Ohio; could be
for anyone being descendants of Thomas Adamson Sr.

Probably the two records are most important for
consideration.  First the 1790 Census record of Washington
(now Greene) Co. PA.
This shows Joseph family as : JOSEPH ADAMSON 3-1-3

KEY: Total In Household
3  - Adult Males over 16
1  - Males under 16
3 -  Females

This shows John's family as: JOHN ADAMSON 3-1-4

KEY: Total In Household
3  - Adult Males over 16
1  - Males under 16
4 -  Females

With these census records, and the court records listed below, one
could become confused to the actual children of John.  We
best look at the fact that Joseph was the older son and
married in 1765. So in 1790, he could have children as old as 25.  By
1800 they also could have been married and even had children of
their own.  I find this is the indeed the situation.

When Thomas Adamson Sr, moved to Washington (Now Greene) Co.
PA in 1784 and received a patent on 250 acres of land, he
brought his four sons and a couple of daughters.  They most
likely lived near each other or in the same complex and worked together to
clear the land for farm usage.  By 1790 Census we know that
Thomas Sr had died, that his two younger sons James and
Thomas Jr. had been married just a few years but had started
families. Thomas even is now living on a different farm in Morgan
Township that was purchased in before 1788.

James the third son's Census record has some
confusing facts.  JAMES ADAMSON 1-1-1-0-0. This would indicate
a male, under age 16.  We know that James oldest child was
born in Oct. 1790, So who is this male.

Probably the most significant record to resolve this
questions is the probate and law suit  of John Adamson
estate. I will give the record below, however my conclusion
The court case would indicate that John only had three
sons.  Thomas, Joseph and Daniel, with only Thomas being
born before 1790. Thomas being born in Pennsylvania, I am not
certain where Joseph was born, but Daniel was probably born
in Kentucky.
Now, this would indicate that the two older males (16+)
living with John Adamson in 1790 census, and the under 16
male living with James, must be the sons of Joseph and were
living with their uncles to help with the choirs and to help
in clearing of the land.

Quaker Records are fairly accurate on children of James.  The
Greene Co. PA records and the later census show the children
of Thomas Jr.

Therefore, my conclusion is the Joseph had five sons, shown
in the 1790 census, two living with him, two with their
uncle John, and one with their uncle James.

This creates an interesting but plausible explanation of
several in the past unexplainable assumptions.
Now all we have to figure out, what are the names of the
five sons.

SON # ONE: We find a Thomas Adamson in the 1810 Fayette Co. PA,
census, and then 1820 and 1830 in Adams County OH. We also find a
Thomas Adamson died and is buried in Brown County, Ohio,
(1833) the same area that was transferred from Adams in
formation of Brown County.

SON # TWO:     In 1800 we find a Tax list record for a William
Adamson.  No other records have been found for a William
Adamson, that would have been in the 1790 census record,
as a son of Joseph.
Another researcher's notes reflect that he believed that a William
Adamson died from drowning, but I have not been able to find
a source for this belief. Regardless, it appears a son of Joseph
died leaving five young children, at least two of whom seem to have been
raised by Joseph.

A clue to whom is the identity and name of William Adamson's father is to
be found in the names given to their first two sons by William Adamson who
married Sarah Poe.  These names were "Patrick" and "William".  Patrick Poe
was Sarah father.  Was William's father named "William".

The obituary of George Adamson, who was probably William's oldest son
states that "He (George) was born in Western Pennsylvania in January 1791
and removed to this country in 1800, living with his grandfather on a farm on
the North Fork."  This is interpreted to mean that William, George's father,
moved to Mason Co. about 1800, which corresponds with the Mason Co.
Tax record.

SON # THREE:  John Adamson, born in 1772 has been widely accepted
as a son of Joseph. John moved on to Grant Co. Indiana where
he died in 1837.

SON # FOUR: In 1810 Mason Co. KY census records, we find a
ADAMSON, Stephen, 26-45. He shows again in the 1820 Mason
Co. Census.

SON # FIVE:  In 1810 Mason Co. KY census records, we find a
ADAMSON, James, Mason Co.,  James 26-45.  He also shows in
1830 and 1840 Mason Co. Census.

The above census record indicate that all the above five were
born prior to 1790 and  would have been been in the 1790 census.
I have found no other records of persons in the area of
discussion that falls into this age group.

I do encourage submission of other events and references
sources for any Adamson record to clarify the above.

Supporting legal documents:

Estate Settlement of John Adamson.
In Book P, page 62, on 9 June 1815, Land was re conveyed to
Ruth Adamson, widow of John paying   70 Dollars.

Death: Death uncertain   Could deed be filed in 19 May 1808
and John be very ill or died.

Death: September court granted Administration of Estate of
John Adamson to Ruth Adamson and Thomas Adamson

Mason Co. KY, County Court Clerk orders, Book F, page 298,
Sept. 1809:
Administration of the estate of John Adamson Deceased is
granted to Ruth Adamson and Thomas Adamson who made oath ??
and upon their motion Certificate is granted them for
obtaining letter of Administration there of in due form upon
their giving Security whereupon they together with James
????? and Moses Frazee their securities entered into and
acknowledged bond fin the penalty of four thousand Dollars
current money conditions at the law directs.
 Mason County, KY, Deed Book 32, page 227  22 April 1828
By a decree of the Mason Circuit Court made at the October
Term 1827 in a suit depending in which the heir of John
Hugheys, were complaints and John Adamson heirs were
defendants.  Walker Reid appointed  was ??/ a commissioner
to convey for the defendants to the Complainants one hundred
and Twenty one acres of land Beginning at a beech and two
ironwoods common to Alexander McCoy running thence North
two  West eighty one and half poles to two beaches thence
East one hundred and thirty two poles to a white walnut and
honey locust the North Eastly corner of John Hawkins, thence
South one hundred and ninety two to w hickory and bou?/ d?r.
thence West sixty two poles ?????? a branch to a honey
locust and sugar tree, thence with said branch North
fourteen West ninety seven poles to a sugar tree and thence
to the Beginning.
The said defendants Thomas Adamson, Joseph Adamson, Daniel
Adamson, Samuel Hammitt and Polly his wife, Richard Hammitt
and Hannah his wife, and Betsy Adamson and Daniel Feagan’s
heirs who were children of Ruth Adamson deceased and heir at
law of John Adamson deceased not having made the conveyances
to Spencer Hughey, Hiram Hughey, Taban Hughey, Jonas Hughey,
John Hughey, Richard Hughey, Ruth Hughey, Susan Carter, Jane
Harrod and Orphan Peyton who are heirs of John Hughey
deceased, the said Walker Reid  doth in accordance with said
decree convey unto them said heirs of John Hughey deceased
the tract of land before mentioned.
(AND MORE ........  not included.)

Jerry F. Adamson
July, 2001

Another problem:

I have a "poor" connection for which Joseph was the son of John Adamson and which was the son of our William.  Both were born about the same time in Pennsylvania and came to Mason County. One is a nephew/uncle to the other.

Joseph (1791-1836) who married  Sarah Rudd.     (Both buried at Maple Grove Cemetery in Germantown, Ky)

Joseph  (1793- ???) who married Prudence Young  (Rumored to be buried at Bentonville, Adams Co., Ohio)

I have numerous little connections but nothing definitely.  I have not been able to determine which Joseph belong to whom.  Do you know or have some pieces that would solve this situation:  If so please contact me.

Jerry F. Adamson
November, 2002