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Augustus Franklin Adamson  Family
son of Augustus Young Adamson and Elizabeth Caroline Robertson

(left to right)
1st row:
Augustus Franklin Adamson, b. 12-24-1851      d. 7-17-1933
His wife, Julia Anna Jane Daniel Adamson, b. 10-19-1860      d. 2-26-1945
Her mother, Mary Jane Murphy Daniel, b. 1-28-1844      d. 5-11-1935
 Dau.     Lydia Elizabeth Adamson, b. 1-18-1882      d. 6-25-1933

2nd row:
Son     Orestus DeFoor, b. 2-13-1879      d. 3-1-1945
Dau      Willie June, b. 6-23-1881      d. 12-6-1962
 Dau.     Ethel Jane, b. 9-26-1885    d.5-28-1966
**Dau.     Anna Myree, b.3-26-1899      d. 4-13-1965

3rd row:
Son     Young Charles Hillyer, b. 6-4-1892      d. 5-29-1944
** Dau.     Amy Franklin,   b. 9-24-1889      d. 2-19-1961
Son     Ernest Lamar, b. 9-26-1894      d. 2-12-1968
Dau.     Grace Truman b. 8-21-1887     d. 1969

**  Note:  The identification of the men are certain, but
the women are Not certain. If you have different
opinion, please contact me.