Descendants of John Quincy Adamson
(Four Generation of Adamson's)

of Brown and Clermont Counties, Ohio

John Quincy Adamson
May 10, 1851, Brown County, Ohio
June 20, 1898, Clermont County, Ohio
married October 3, 1872
Nancy Margaret Burbage
November 5, 1853, Brown Co., Ohio
May 26, 1902, Clermont County, Ohio

Their Bible                                         

The John Quincy Adamson Family

(Back)- Rufus- Bertha-Florence
(Middle) - John Q. -  John Lewis- Nancy Margaret
(Front ) - Charles Floyd and Archa Andrew
Taken ca 1891

Betty Bertha Adamson (1874- 1930) and Husband Harry R. Jackson

Rufus H. Adamson ( 1876-1943 )----Spanish American War -----With Cousin Bill Burbage

Rufus H. Adamson Family    -            Rufus and wife Alice Robinson

Carrie Robinson (mother of Alice Robinson )  -   Carrie- Alice- and Lottie Adamson-Young

Alice and Lotite Robinson        - Alice Robinson-Adamson

Charles Floyd Adamson       -       Admiral Archa Adamson       -            Jesse C. Adamson
( 1886 - 1926 )             -                ( 1889 - 1967 )                -       ( 1892  - 1870 )

Margaret and Archa Adamson    -      Vera Curliss- Adamson and Lottie Adamson

----------------------Third Generation-------------------

Eugene (Gene)  W. Young ,s/o Lottie Adamson and Ross Young--    with wife  Betty Jo.

Herschel R. Adamson Sr. - ---------------  -      Herschel Sr.  and his sister Lottie

(Left) -Herschel R. Adamson  and wife   Vera Curliss Adamson 
(Rightr) Vera, Herschel R. Sr. and Herschel R. Adamson Jr

(Left) Herschel R. Adamson Jr and  Gene Young in Viet Nam
(Right)  Herschel R. Adamson Jr. (before service in Viet Nam War-Oct 15,1965)


During the process of selecting photographs for this page, this photo
labeled  Frances (Frank) Adamson was found.
We can find no close relatives with this  name and are seaching for his identity.