William C. Adamson                              Hannah Moser
1824, Pennsylvania - 1894, Kansas              1831, Pennsylvania- 1895 - Kansas
lineage, not known            wife of William C. Adamson

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ca 1937
Left to right - Seated
Grace E. Adamson Schweitzer, Irenus Johonus Adamson - Father of all shown, Lillian "Dot" Adamson Slusher

Irenus Johonus "Jay"  Adamson Jr, Frank Adamson, Gladys Adamson Popkins
Paul Adamson, Earl Adamson

ca 1937
Left to right - first row
Richard Adamson - Earl's son
"Pick a nose Gary Schweitzer" (Grace's writing, Grace's son)
Richard Adamson - Frank Adamson's son

2nd Row
Hattie Lafontaine Smith (Grace's mother's sister) & John Smith ,
Irenus Johonus Adamson - Patriarch
Emma Adamson Wolf - Irenus' sister

3rd Row
Gladys Adamson Popkins - Grace's sister
Irenus Johonus Adamson Jr
Carl Adamson - Earl Adamson's son
Clyde Smith - Cousin
Nell Adamson - "Jay's" wife
?? Smith - Cousin Clyde's wife
Lorene Adamson - Frank's wife
Paul Adamson
Frank Adamson
Grace Adamson Schweitzer

Clarence Smith - Cousin


(L)- Earl Adamson, (LC)-Frank Adamson on Right, (RC)- Grace Adamson (ca 1912), (R)-Jay Adamson on Left

(L)-Daughters of Lawrence Adamson, (C)-Lois Adamson (ca 1913),  (R)-Lucy May LaFountain Adamson  (1859-1926)

(L)- Mae Hartman and Grace Adamson;  (C)-Ida "Minnie" Adamson (ca 1908), (R)-Vincent Adamson

Dr. Lawrence P. Adamson  (1859 - 1936) and wife  Pearl Meador (1874-1933)
photo courtsey of  michelle parkin, 4/11/2008,  not related.