This page is  provided to help and assist new researchers is understanding what is good
quality research and I hope the experienced researchers will help by providing events, sites and
discussion.  In essence, this page is for everyone who is doing  Adamson research.  This page
may create controversy by listing different opinions of what are the facts.  As researchers, it
is our responsibility to consider the facts presented, and make our own determinations.

With the advent of email and internet sites, it is very easy to find information that may
or may not have documented proof.  Let me define what I refer to as documented proof,
I mean a written evidence in form of Federal, State, County, and Church records. It is very
difficult to find these kinds of records prior to 1820. Sometimes you have to go through
a process of elimination to determine the "most likely" and hopefuly someday a record
will surface that strengthen your  position.

I need more and better evidence than "I saw it on the Internet".   Probably in most cases
the data is a good indicator of the fact, but needs to be confirmed by yourself by acquiring
necessary documentation.  I need better evidence than I got it from "" in a
Gedcom file. I need better evidence than I found it in a book at the local county library.

At this point, I need to clarify Church records.  The Ancestral File of the Family History
Department (LDS) are not to be considered Church records. As stated by the notes about these
files, it the responsibility of those who use the file to verify its accuracy. I quote their disclaimer.
"About Ancestral File:  Ancestral File is a collection of genealogical information taken from Pedigree
Charts and Family Group Records submitted to the Family History Department since 1978. The
information has not been verified against any official records.  Since the information in Ancestral
File is contributed, it is the responsibility of those who use the file to verify its accuracy."

These records are no different than files found on many commercial Genealogical sites, most
Family web pages, and the thousands of Gedcom Files that are available or posted on the internet,
or even Gedcom files sent via email between researchers.  The Family History Library does
have millions of genealogical records that are copies of many Federal, State, County and Church records.
They are have numerous volumes of other Genealogical Data that can be of assistance to the researcher.

With that, This site, also falls into the category of information that has not been verified against
any official records.  Although some of the data may have been, it is the responsibility of those
who use the information to verify its accuracy.

When we exchange information without stating the sources, you are getting good indicators only.
It becomes obvious that the SOURCES of the data is perhaps more important than the data.
I want sources like:
Quaker record,  ADAMSON, 1783,8,4 Mary & ch, Thomas, James, & Sarah, rocf Richland MM
Will / Probate record of Thomas Adamson, Will dated 2 Feb., 1790; Probate dated 22 Feb., 1790.

When researching the internet, I find many discrepancies.  I intend this page to be a record of the
information that can be found on the internet that is in conflict or has no documented proof that
can be substantiated.  I list the stated event, the site that event is stated, and the date of
information quoted.  Then I will provide a Discussion of such facts and events.

of Statements that are questionable and not Substantiated.

Statement # 1:
Death date of Thomas Adamson as being 2 FEB, 1790 in Ft. Swan, Washington , Pennsylvania.
Birth date of Thomas Adamson as being 23 DEC, 1717 in, New Jersey, Camden, Haddonfield

Source of Statement # 1:
Date this site was available:
April 2, 2001

Discussion on Statement # 1:
The date of death  has never been proven.  Thomas signed his will on 2 February, 1790 and
his will was probated on 22 February, 1790. Source for this fact is the probate papers of Thomas Adamson
His death date should be written as:
After 2 February, 1790,  or before 22 February, 1790 or Between 2 February, 1790 and 22 February, 1790.
But Not as 2 Feb, 1790 which has no official record to substantiate. Seems like a minor point, but is factual.

Also Note the format of the City, County, State  or Is it State, County, and City. This makes me look twice
and question the accuracy of the information.

Statement # 2:

example of Quaker date being translated incorrectly:
I need your example of this, it happens all the time.
A good site to visit regarding the Quaker Calendar
is located at:  The Quaker Corner
Select Quaker Calendar

Statement # 3:
Who was the parents of Ann , who married John Adamson, in 1716 in New Jersey??
Date this site was available:  April 2, 2001

Note the sources used!
Date this site was available: April 2, 2001

Look familiar?? I sure would like to see: wordstar file referred to:(092296.gbb) Send to me please!
Date this site was available: April 2, 2001
with disclaimer of "I'm sure there are errors in this database - I'm correcting them
as I find them or someone tells me about them. Sources are cited wherever possible."
Date this site was available: April 2, 2001
The above are all on Rootsweb Sites. Nothing extraordinary because they are the largest free
genealogical site.  However read their disclaimers !!
", Inc. is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded
through the WorldConnect Program. If you have a problem with a particular
entry, please contact the submitter of said entry. Unlike with certain other Web sites,
you have full control over your GEDCOM. You can change or remove it completely
at any time and Rootsweb will never burn it onto a CD-ROM or charge others to access it."
Date this site was available: April 2, 2001
This is an Interesting twist on the names!

Or Try this, Go to the Family History (LDS)  site and search for an Ann SKUTE and see who she married??
Date this site was available: April 2, 2001
I could not find any!!

Discussion on Statement # 3:
My point is that I have contacted hundreds of Adamson Researchers and have found no one
with  valid documentation as to the Parents of Ann, the wife of John Adamson.
This John is the father of Thomas, John and Simon Adamson.
Do not confuse this John as being related to Basil Adamson, also a son John Adamson, more
often referred to as John Baldwin Adamson of Maryland.
If anybody has document proof of such relationship, please submit and I will publish it.

My caution to every researcher is to verify all your information.

Statement # 4:

If you have an example of your "pet peeves"
send me the logic and / or references, and I might publish.