John Adamson  Transcriptions  January 2012
(by Troy L. Adamson)

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Richland Monthly Meeting

Births and Deaths About 1750 – 1805


181 pp, & Index 17 pp.


Feb. 19, 1948

Quakertown, Bucks County, PA

Courtesy of Richland Monthly Meeting


Friends Historical Library of Swarthmore College Microfilm #: MR-Ph555

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Thomas Adamson, son of John and Ann, his wife, born 12th month, 23rd day, 1717.

Betty Adamson, born 6th month, 9th day, 1719.

Hester Adamson, born 10th month, 9th day, 1721.

John Adamson, born 2nd month, 15th day, 1726.

Ann Adamson, born 9th month, 25th day, 1728.

Susanna Adamson, born 9th month, 9th day, 1730.


Page 49

Rachel Adamson, daughter of Thomas Adamson & Mary, his wife, born 9th month, 4th day, 1739.

Ann Adamson, born 9th month, 12th day, 1742

Joseph Adamson, born 1th month, 17th day, 1745.

Mary Adamson, born 12th month, 7th day, 1747.

Hannah Adamson, born 5th month, 15th day, 1749.

Esther Adamson, born 4th month, 2nd day, 1751.

John  Adamson, born 11th month, 1st day, 1753.

Debora Adamson, born 12th month, 8th day, 1755.

James Adamson, born 9th month, 4th day, 1757.

Martha Adamson, born 11th month, 2nd day, 1760.

Sarah Adamson, born 5th month, 14th day, 1763.


Page 50

Ann Adamson, alias Ball, daughter of Thomas & Mary Adamson, died the 8th month, 6th day, 1784.