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Your information is needed. This site contains family information from thousands of different sources.
To help others continue the Adamson search, I need your information.

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Cemetery Photographs
I  present these photographs to you, hoping  you will enjoy seeing them as much as I did
 taking them.  I am hopeful that you will want to share your cemetery photographs with
 everyone by submitting to me. You should  contact me for instructions.  I will make every
 effort to display them with the honor and respect that we share for  our ancestory.
Researchers Database
 In order for me to answer other persons request, I would appreciate receiving your
lineage  if known.  I will add it my database.  I will show only your lineage, but I would appreciate
all other members of the family for my master database.

The Adamson DNA project has started and is an important
aspect of genealogy research.  It has been most beneficial to many.
You should review literature to determine the
advantanages to your family search.


Any old photographs are appreciated.
Contact me if you have any to share.

For those researchers whom want to research in England and Scotland

I recommend

The site provide all the basic links for those tracing their English and Welsh ancestors.


I use software that creates reports that require Adobe reader.
Adobe  reader is a free software that you can download.  The software is
very nice for keeping the format of a report.  If I ever send you a report,  you will need to acquire.

I also use and recommend

RootsMagic Genealogy Software

RootsMagic Genealogy Software



RECENT UPDATES and Other  "NEW" items
Several items  updated
as of October,  2005


Fourth Sunday In June at Glenn Fire Station

Heard County, Georgia


Second Sunday in July
July 9    2017

GREENE County Pennsylvania
I got my invitation.
              Second Sunday in July at Greene County Fairgrounds

  Greene Co.,  Pennsylvania
Contact person:
<<  >>



Liberty, DeKalb County, Tennessee
Community Center
12:00 Noon

Next reunion date is unplanned

To encourage another reunion or for information, contact:



The 2007 Adamson Cousins Reunion

June 8-11, 2007

Warwick Hotel
Denver, Colorado

The Adamson Cousins Reunion is for descendants of Joseph Adamson (born about 1795 in Ohio),
and their spouses, partners, and generally anyone who wants to spend four great days with us.
send email to J. C. Adamson.



Adamson Family Reunion
Hendricks County, Indiana
(Just a few miles west of Indianapolis)

Fourth Saturday in July
July 23, 2005
 at the Washington Township Community Park in Avon, IN. (Hendricks County).

Mark Adamson - (317) 839-7568 - , or
Michael Adamson - (317) 839-2763 -



Union County,  Kentucky

First Sunday in August at Morganfield Kentucky

August 7, 2005


Where and when  does your family have a reunion?
This place reserved for the announcement.


                  If you are ever  "surfing" the web and come
       across any "ADAMSON"  references,  do me a favor and [Send Page}
          to me by Using the Broswer , [FILE]-[SEND]-[SEND PAGE]
                       Thanks,  jerry

As a new researcher or as one whom has been searching for years,
Each of us show be concerned about the accuracy of our data
and proper research documentation.
Here's a couple of articles that I have written:
If you have similiar concerns, Your welcome to use this forum:

Points to Ponder

  PHOTO CREDITS: The photographs here has been collected from various sources with the
  majority being taken by me or at my request.  I do want to thank those who  provided me with
  their photographs.

  DATA DISCLAIMER:  The information provided herein  is a compilation of what I have found
  and been given by others.  However, this does not mean that all of the information on these
  pages are 100% accurate. If you have questions concerning the source of any of this
  information, feel free to send me e-mail and I will tell you where I received my information.  I am
  still working on many of these branches.  Typographic and transcription errors are easy to make
  and hard  to find. If you find an  error of data, please advise me.  If you  are researching your
  lineage ,  I would be interested.  Perhaps it will connect.

                        YOUR HELP is IMPORTANT
This site has over two thousand web links and pages. It would be impossible for me to check out
every possible combination, and still make updates.  If you come across any link that is broken or
any error  in the pages, please send me a note at the email address above, and I will correct.  If
you have accessed the site during the last ten days,
you may want to [RELOAD]  / [REFRESH] the  pages.
Thank you for your help.

Jerry F. Adamson
P.O. Box 869
Dona Ana, NM