Southern Iowa
Appanoose County

Henry and Penthesilea Frost Adamson were pioneers in Appanoose County, Iowa.
Henry came to Lee County in 1839 and they were married September 1, 1842.  They
settled in Appanoose County, southeast of Numa Iowa. Here they reared there family.

Henry was the son of Benjamin Adamson who was born near Leeds England on
June 17, 1771. He came to America around 1800. He probably was married twice,
His second wife was Sarah Brown Armstrong who died July 28, 1851.. They married
on February 14, 1813.Benjamin died in Lee County Iowa on January 29, 1852.

Henry was born November 15, 1817 in Fayette Co., Ohio.  After living a short time in
Lee County, Henry and Penthesilea moved to Numa Iowa in 1852. Here he purchased
his homestead and cleared and fenced his property. He built a large barn that housed
several oxen. He did a vast amount of plowing, breaking the virgin prairie soil for himself
and other pioneers of the area.  With a heavy oxen teams, cutting a 20- inch furrow, he
was able to excel in this line of work.   He also was called upon to move houses and
other heavy hauling with his ox teams.

On this farm, Penthesilea and Henry raised eight sons and one daughter. The home
of the Adamson's was the rendezvous for ministers of the Gospel. Many were at the
camp meetings of different denominations held for weeks at a time near the ever
flowing Adamson Springs.  He was always outstanding both in politics and religion
and took an active part in educational affairs. He donated land for the Roanoke
School House.

Mrs Adamson died on October 15, 1894 and Henry died at a ripe age of 94 years
on November 18, 1911. Both are buried at the Adamson Cemetery located  at the
Roanoke School site, two miles from Numa Iowa..

There descendants can be found in the Appanoose County, In Nuckolls County
Nebraka,. and Decatur County Kansas.


Jerry F. Adamson
February 2001

If you are a researcher of the Adamson's
in Appanoose County, Iowa,   I hope you
would submit additional information