Southwestern Pennsylvania
Greene County

Thomas Adamson, son of John Adamson and Ann Skuse / Skuce , was
in December 1717 in Gloucester County, New Jersey.   When he
child, his parents moved to Bucks County Pennsylvania.  Thomas
acquired the family farm when his father died in Jan 1753.  Here he
prospered and started his family.
About 1784, he moved to Southwestern Pennsylvania, then to
Washington County.  In December 15, 1784 he received a patent for
250 acres near Carmichaels.  Thomas brought with him from Bucks
County,  his four sons and at least one of his daughters.  Thomas
died in February 1790, before the first census of the United States
and probably was buried on the Farm. His wife Mary Burson died
within a month or so after Thomas.

The area where the Adamson's lived was originally in Washington
County, but in 1796, Green County was formed from Washington
County.  Researchers will find early records in the Washington

Thomas oldest son Joseph had already married and he brought with
him his family.  The second son, John may have been
married before coming west, but most of his children were born in
Greene County. The two younger sons James and Thomas Jr. started
their families in Greene County.

During the years from 1784 to 1790, it appears that all of the men and
probably any older children helped clear the land and helped in the
other farm chores.

By 1790, Thomas Jr. had purchased a farm for his family.  His father
had helped with the purchase and evidently had also gave his older
son, Joseph money or something of value.
This is substantiated by the fact that when Thomas Sr. died, his left the
farm to the two brothers, John and James.  Both  John and James
sold their interest in the farm shortly thereafter.

You can find records on Joseph and his brother John in Mason County
Kentucky prior to 1800. Here and  across the Ohio River in
neighboring, Ohio, they established their legacy.

James moved his family to Columbiana County, Ohio.  He maintained
his Quaker beliefs and was very active in their records.

The youngest son, Thomas Jr. was born May 15, 1758 in Bucks County.
He remained in Greene County.  In March, 1784, he married Sarah Jane
Eagon.  They raised six sons and four daughters.  With an rare
exception or two, the majority of the Adamson's that have lived in
Greene County are the descendants of Thomas Adamson Jr.

Their are many cemeteries in Greene County that contain burials of
this family.


Jerry F. Adamson
February 2001