Western Kentucky
Union and Crittendon Counties
1780/95  -  1865
Locations unknown

William A. Adamson was born between 1780 to 1795 in either North Carolina or
Tennessee.  His wife, Polly was born between 1785 to 1800 in North Carolina.
William A. Adamson had 11  known children.  The first known child is Allen
Adamson.  Records indicate that he was born around 1809 in Tennessee.  Records
for some of their children indicate that William and Polly were in Tennessee
(where unknown) until about 1829.

 Records for younger children indicate that William and Polly were living in
 Kentucky by 1830.  William is listed in tax records for Union County,
 Kentucky from 1831 to 1835.  The family was living in Edwards County,
 Illinois in 1835.   In 1836, land was surveyed in Livingston County KY for
 William Adamson.

 William, his wife, 3 sons and 3 daughters are listed in the 1840 Livingston
 County Kentucky census.  William is listed in the tax records for Livingston
 County Kentucky from 1837 to 1841.  Crittenden County was formed from
 Livingston County in 1842, thus William appears in Crittenden County Kentucky
 tax records from 1842 to 1863.

 William and Polly's son Aaron, died about 1849.  Aaron's widow and children
 were living next door to William and Polly in 1850 in Crittenden County KY.
 In the 1850 census, William is listed as "blind" and his son, James, is
 listed as "Idiotic". It is believed that  Polly may have died in 1859.
 William and his sons, Allen and James, are listed with him in the 1860
 Crittenden County KY census.  It appears that after the death of Polly,
 William's son, Allen,  lived with William and took care of him.

 It is believed that William Adamson Sr. died in 1865.
 Known children of William Adamson Sr. are:
 Allen Adamson (spouse: Elizabeth Sanders)
 Aaron W. Adamson (spouse: Martha Jennings Thompson)
 William Adamson Jr. (spouses: Rebecca McGill and Salina Dempsey)
 Robert Adamson (spouse: Margaret Elizabeth Clark)
 Mary Adamson (spouses: Levi Stites and Niles A. Price)
 Female Adamson
 Michael Adamson (spouses: Mary Malissa Hall and Sarah Hall)
 Female Adamson
 Nancy Adamson (spouse: Henry Shelby)
 James Adamson
 John W. Adamson (spouse: Nancy E. Simpson)

 There is some indication that William and Polly may have had a son Simon.  In
 1840, a Simon Adamson gave bond for the marriage of Mary Adamson and Levi
 Stites in Union County KY.  In 1845, Simon Adamson was a witness for the
 marriage of Michael Adamson and Mary Malissa Hall in Crittenden County KY.
 No more is known of this Simon Adamson at this time.

If you have additional information on the parents of this William or the family,
please contact us.

Sue Adamson Fritz
Feburary, 2001