Frederick Adamson 1780 - 1839

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 F. Adamson will was found in the Index to Wills and Guardianship
Muskingham Co. Ohio  1832- 1843  page 252

The Will of Frederick Adamson     The last will and testament of Frederick Adamson, whereas I Frederick Adamson of Muskingum Co. Ohio being weak in body but sound of mind, being desirous to settle my worldly affairs, do constitute this my last will and testament  after the manner and in the words following, to wit,
pt. I will and bequeath to my wife Martha Adamson during her life, and widowhood all the property both value and personal I may process at my decease, after her death to be disposed of  my exceutor  here after divided.
   2nd I will and bequeath to my son William F Adamson, one dollar also to my son Greenburey Adamson one dollar, also to my daughter Ann Lekambers one dollar to be paid to them these heirs or assign out of my estate by said executor.
   3rd. After the above cashies are paid, the balance of my property (by my excutor)shall be equally divided between Washington Adamson, Pamela  Crossland, Mary Ann Stanbury, John W. Adamson, Lloyd Nelson Adamson, Minervia Adamson, Matilda Adamson, Nathan Adamson, Luther Adamson, Martha Adamson, except the three first named which shall have as follow, Washington Adamson shall have 150.00 less then the last seven heirs, Pamela Crossland 50.00 less and Mary Stanbury 50.00 less then the last seven named heirs.
I do hereby appoint my son Washington Adamson executor
of this my last will and testament signed and sealed in the presence of the witness the 7 Jan 1839
Frederick Adamson
Grafton Duvale
Floyd N. Adamson
Minervia Adamson
Nehemial Beale
William Riley
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