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My name is Maizie

24 Febuary, 2002   ---7 November, 2012

and I am the new girl on the search
I am three years old
Feburary 2005 



I am ready to assist my master in his search of Adamson Information.

When I first learned that I was going to have a new master, I was taken to the vet to be checked over. Without knowing, I tested positive for Heart Worms and had to be treated before I could go live with Dad.  The treatment wasn't that difficult, but just required me to be kept calm for several weeks. After the treatment, I met Dad, and we drove to  my new home.


I like staying in the house, but I do like going outside too. I just want to be with Dad.
I am hopeful that we start traveling soon. Dad has told me so much about his travels with previous helpers. He sez I will meet his relatives in all these states plus several others.  This page will become my diary as we travel.


One of my first places I wanted to visit was the Hickory Ridge Cemetery in
Brown County, Ohio.  The tombstone is for John Wesley Adamson [1824-1907].
  Dad told me that he  had a photograph of Dober taken (1998) at this tombstone. He also had a photograph of Tanner taken (1999) at this same tombstone.  They are included so you can see that we are closely related.


Dober    1998                                                                            Tanner 1999

  Me at Hickory Ridge Cemetery  2005

It was already winter when I came to live with Dad.   He told me that I would need some training before we could do much traveling. After the first week of training, we have traveled to four different cemeteries and to two them more than once.  Wow, when Dad said I needed training he didn't mention that I had to learn to read.  He told me that I didn't have to learn all the names just to recognize the surname "Adamson" !  So I shall try.  I would rather go chase a bird, a rabbit or inspect the fences, but I guess I should help. Dad said I would eat better if I helped!



Dad said we would be leaving in late April or early may and  would  travel
 to  IL, IN, OH, PA and maybe even to GA and TX.


I never had any toys to play with, so I never learned how to play. I want to but I hide them from Dad
and he can't find them. I bury them under the blankets on the bed. Also behind the bed where they fall onto the floor
where he can't reach them. I also go outside and find goodies to eat. I find bones to chew on and take them to our room to chew on.


Dad and I watching TV

May, 2005.
Our first trip was to New Mexico and Texas. We were gone four weeks and I really learned a lot about travel, camping out, meeting new friends and relatives and about the heat in New Mexico.  When Dad was preparing me for the trip, I never took a nap in the van. Our first nights out, I was unsure about what to do at night, so I  didn't sleep much. (Dad didn't neither).  However, I figured out that at night we were to sleep, then everything was OK.   Dad let me ride next to him on a pad and pillow between the seats of the van. Later, I would stretch out on both.  We spent four days at a work reunion campout. There were over 150 people there that Dad worked with in his career.  Then we went to see one of Dad's daughters.  I likes Cydies's place the best. She had three big dogs. I became good friends with the younger dog named Trey. 
After New Mexico, we went to West Texas and then to San Antonio to see Dad's grandson graduate.   Our trip was four weeks and about three thousand miles.  Dad said that I passed the test, so our next trip was to  IL, IN, OH and PA. Dad said there was to be lots of cemeteries, and there was. I saw some new sights and many new people. We even went to two Adamson Reunions. I enjoyed camping out and look forward to our next trip.


Cloudcroft New Mexico, May 2005.  Silver Campground, Elevation 9050 feet.
It was 102 to 105 degrees in Las Cruces and El Paso, So Dad said, I know where a place where we could cool off for a few days.  It was in the Low 80's  in the day time, which we enjoyed but the local folks thought it was warm. At night it got down to the mid 40's, so we slept good.  The campground did not have many campers because schools were still in session.  I learned when in developed campgrounds, I had to be on cable or leash.


Then in July we went to Ohio, Pennsylvania and Indiana


When Dad watches the bicyle races, while I get some shut eye.

Adamson reunion inWaynesburg, PA. 2005

Mechanicsburg Cemetery, Henry Co., IN  2005
Life is tough, especially when it hot out.

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