My name is Rusty

and I am the new kid on the search
June 2004

I am ready to assist my master in his search of Adamson Information.



June 2004

It was too late in the summer for me to go on a research trip to Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky and Pennsylvania during the summer.  Dad said I needed training, so as I would know what cemeteries are and how to act, what riding in vehicles was like and how to wait for Dad to do his visiting or other business, and how to go camping and not get into trouble.  So Dad and I are spending the months of June and July in "training".

I am hopeful that we will get over the "schooling" and we can start traveling soon. Dad sez I will meet his relatives in all these states plus several others.  This page will become my diary as we travel.

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One of my first places I want to visit is at the Hickory Ridge Cemetery in
Brown County, Ohio.  The tombstone is for John Wesley Adamson [1824-1907].
  Dad told me that he  had a photograph of Dober taken (1998) at this tombstone. He also had a photograph of Tanner taken (1999) at this same tombstone.  They are included so you can see that we are closely related.

  [   RESERVED ]
[ MY PHOTOGRAPH TO BE TAKEN when I get to Ohio ]


After the first week of training, we have traveled to nine different cemeteries and to three them more than once.  Wow, when Dad said I needed training he didn't mention that I had to learn to read.  He told me that I didn't have to learn all the names just the surname!  So I shall try.  I would rather go chase a bird, a rabbit or inspect the fences, but I guess I should help. Dad said I would eat better if I helped!


In the mean time, while I am in training, and because it is very hot, I spent a lot of time in the house where the air conditioner works fine.




One weekend when the weather was cool, we went camping. Dad said it was for my education, but I think he wanted to get photographs of some cemeteries. Either way, he got his photographs and I learned about camping out. Its fun, Dad fixed breakfast and dinner on a grill. Food tastes better in a camp. It rained part of the time so I didn't always get to inspect every cemetery.

Pleasant Hill Cemetery, Labette County, Kansas

August 2004
After a short camping trip and visiting over 200 cemeteries, Dad sez I have been trained and now we can travel.   GREAT   I have been helping dad take photographs of the cemeteries in six local counties. We have spent most of July and August traveling to them. Luckily the weather has been cool, so we had some good travels.  I learned a lot about cemeteries and now I am ready for a long trip.

August/ September 2004
Our first trip was to Cemeteries in Kansas, Colorado and Nebraska. We were gone thirteen days. We went to fourteen cemeteries that were new to me, but Dad had been to Six of them before. That still meant he had to take new Photographs at Eight cemeteries and to get additional photographs at the other six.  We visited several folks along the way and stayed at many State parks. Camping was fun and Dad usually fixed breakfast every morning.  For dinner, he would cook a steak or hamburgers. Sometimes we ate chili hot dogs. A couple of times were just ate cold cuts, cheeze and peanut butter with crackers for an evening meal.  It got cold in Colorado, so I crawled in Bed with Dad. He didn't seem to appreciate it as the next night, he showed me the blanket he had brought for me.

Mt. Hope Cemetery, Custer County, Nebraska


Our trip started with an Dad's High School reunion, and then to a  birthday party for his neice. I did learn some new things about camping, traveling and visiting cemeteries. Dad told me about how easy it was to convince Tanner what it meant when he said, "its time to go".  I guess he let Tanner run for some distance chasing the Van after Tanner wouldn't get in when Dad told him to.  I guess after that Tanner was convinced. I listened very carefully to the story  and I knew Dad wasn't kidding so when He said, "Lets Go" or "Time to Go", I got in eagerly.
I prefer to ride up front with Dad. I would lay in the passenger seat and on the supplies Dad had between seats. When the sun shown on the seat and it was warm, I would go back and lay on the bed.  According to Dad, my first big trip was a success .  I am not certain when we go again, but I will be ready. Dad said that next spring we are going to  IL, IN, OH, PA and maybe even to GA and TX.

Sometimes I let Dad play with my toys.  He sits in his chair and watches TV and sometimes takes a nap, while I lay on the bed and take life easy.  I can usually get him to join the fun.


Life is tough!

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Rusty, my newest Doberman friend got hit by a truck on Thursday, 11/11/2004.  Over the past few months, he and a neighbors black lab became great romping  friends. They would run and wrestle over the entire property. Eight acres gave them plenty of room to play.  They would run and play for thirty minutes at a time and then would rest.  They normally played near the house, and would circle around objects including the house.  For some reason, they left the fenced area and got on the road.   He never knew what hit him and he died instantly without suffering.  I have had him for almost five months. He was becoming a good friend and traveling companion. He was at the age of about 16 months, and was starting to get the broad chest that Dobies have.    I had his remains cremated. I will miss him.  JFA

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