I encourage you to utilize both the mail list and the surname board.

The purpose of the surname board is to post a permanent query about
your Adamson Family. The Board does have several categories, i.e.;
Bible, Biographies, Birth, Cemetery, Death, Deeds, Immigration, Look Up,
Marriiage, Military, Obituaries, Pensions, and Wills. As of 7/1/2001, these options are not
available, but the programers are working at them as fast as they can.

The mail list is a tool that permits more conversation and discussion
about the Adamson Family and related activities.

When posting a query or responding to a posted message or query, please exercise
constraint and display manners in your message.   You do not need to
tell folks what they can or cannot  post.  I have the ability to remove
posted board messages or remove anyone from the mail list.  And
I will do so on offensive or none appropriate messages.

Please do not post your pet peeves, vent them on your web page or read mine and
maybe we will agree.  I believe that new researchers  and especially those who
accept the findings on web pages as the gospel, need to look deeper in
their research and rely upon their "findings".
**My "Points to Ponder"**

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I have created a ADAMSON Mail List where everyone can share information:

If you need instructions or information on Mailing Lists go to:


If you understand mail lists, you can subscribe using your browser
It's easy -- just click on the list you want. When the "mail-to" window
pops up, write just the single word "subscribe" in the SUBJECT or the  BODY

of the message. ****NOTHING MORE***

It's easy -- I will help  you.

ADAMSON-L -- A mailing list for the discussion and sharing ADAMSON information

ADAMSON-D -- The digest version of the same list.

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RootsWeb Threaded Mailing List archives.

Its easier to try it out than to explain:

RootsWeb Web Archives for ADAMSON-L Mailing List


To search All Mail Lists


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See the ADAMSON Surname resource page at:


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The WORLDCONNECT PROJECT will permit you to upload your GEDCOM
files and you can also search the Millions of names by other RootsWeb users.

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ADAMSON Surname Board

A new message board system which
replaces and combines the GenConnect message boards along
with the message boards of Ancestry.com

If you make a mistake posting a message, contact me.

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ADAMSON Surname Message Board


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