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"Historical events "

For many years the Adamson family researchers have found and recorded primary information from sources that were bogus or unreliable.  Many of the Quaker records have been misquoted or inaccurate because of the difference in the Quaker calendar dating system.  Few researchers ever searched for or found the source record, but the unreliable data was passed around from researcher to researcher.  In recent years, with the tools of email, internet and computer genealogical programs, the data is perpetuated at an ever faster rate.   Many web sites accept the computer files and publish on the internet with little or no disclosures. 
For a person whom as recently acquired the genealogy hobby, they have a variety of family information available with no clue as to its accuracy.   One much  dig deeper to find the best source.

The records for the Quaker John Adamson are very old and hard to find.  With that in mind, its easy to adopt the unreliable and bogus data for their research and publish with the source of  "I found it on the internet".  That is what I term as "point and click"  genealogy.  Others may call it "pass the trash".  Many are unaware that a large percentage of the data is not submitted by genealogists and is not verified for accuracy.
Either way,  We publish the source documents of what we know about John Adamson, the Quaker from New Jersey.  With great expense of time and money, Troy L.  Adamson has went to the source of our research, located the source document, made photocopies, and transcribed them.    We now publish them on the internet, with both the Quaker Calendar date ( Julian Calendar ) and converted to our current  date  Gregorian Calendar.   You can see and print the source and you can interpret and use in your research.

We are in constant search for other source records, especially those events prior to 1800.   Also of interest is those publications dated prior to 1960 that refers to Adamson information.  If you have such or know of such, please email me so we can acquire a copy or photo copy.

I quote Troy Adamson message from his article   Pioneering Spirit    Tracing the Footsteps of Colonist, John Adamson" As a descendant of John Adamson, I felt compelled to seek out the original documents to verify, once and for all, the historical facts concerning my very great grandfather. I also sought to learn about the communities with whom he interacted and the events through which he lived. Following my research at the Camden County Historical Society Library, New Jersey, and the Friends Historical Library of Swarthmore College, Pennsylvania, I found answers to questions many Adamson researchers have been debating for decades. My goal has been to set the record straight so the historical facts can be realized by John’s descendants. Some of my research challenges what has been presumed by many researchers to be factual."

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John Adamson
in Gloucester County, New Jersey
Court Records

Transcribed by Troy L. Adamson
January, 2010


Haddonfield Monthly Meeting (N.J.)
Minutes: 1710-1731

Arch Street Depository No. (L17)
Filmed: 1-17-66 
Friends Historical Library of Swarthmore College Microfilm #: MR-Ph240

Transcribed by Troy L. Adamson
January, 2011


Gwynedd Monthly Meeting
Minutes 1714 – 1747

Arch Street Depository No. (RS162)
Filmed 4/28/66

Friends Historical Library of Swarthmore College Microfilm #: MR-Ph201

Transcribed by Troy L. Adamson
January, 2012


Gwynedd Monthly Meeting

Marriages 1715 – 1781


320 pp., Index 47 pp.


III Department of Friends' Records

302 Arch Street, Philadelphia, PA


Friends Historical Library of Swarthmore College Microfilm #: MR-Ph218

Transcribed by Troy L. Adamson
January, 2012


Richland Monthly Meeting

Births and Deaths About 1750 – 1805


181 pp, & Index 17 pp.


Feb. 19, 1948

Quakertown, Bucks County, PA

Courtesy of Richland Monthly Meeting


Friends Historical Library of Swarthmore College Microfilm #: MR-Ph555

Transcribed by Troy L. Adamson
January, 2012


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